About Us

We are Mark and Anne Erikson and we’d like to welcome you to the Average Einstein community!

Let’s hear it for average!
Like almost everyone else we know, Anne and I are everyday, ordinary, regular people. We aren’t  experts or specialists or rich or privileged (though we do feel very blessed).

We won’t win any awards for being the smartest, richest or uber-networked people in the world. Plus, we don’t have a bunch of letters before or after our names.

We do believe living brilliantly is possible.
Fortunately, we are good at one thing — creative adaptation, which is a fancy way of saying that we know how to borrow great ideas from smart people and make them our own. We like to tinker, experiment, learn and figure out stuff like…

  • How to run our fourth marathon on only seven weeks of training. Doing that was fast, easy and a lot of fun.
  • How to get into peak physical shape while saving hundreds of dollars using a basic no gym workout you can do anywhere you are.
  • How to balance the demands of our family, which includes two busy high school students, in addition to fulltime ministry that requires caring for a growing church community.
  • How to manage our financial resources so that we never carry a credit card balance, maintain a credit score of 800+, vacation every year PLUS give away 12% of our income to charity, investing for the future and doing it all on an income of less than $75,000/year.

We believe this, and more, is possible with a bunch of helpful hints, tips, tricks and lifestyle configurations.

The experts DON’T know it all.
There’s plenty of advice out there that (while factually true) doesn’t seem doable by real people in the real world. We started Average Einstein to demonstrate how to take advice from the best and brightest in the world and adapt that advice to arrive at simple, brilliant solutions anyone can benefit from. Our goal is simple — to help you live like a genius (even if you aren’t one).


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